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You Were “Borga Ba” If You Visited These 11 Places In Kumasi In The Late 90s

manhyiapalacemuseum1Kids of today are not chilling like those of us who were born some twenty years ago.

Children of today are always in their daddy’s hall playing games, riding bicycle or pressing on their phones.

During the 90s, it was hard for you to even get hold of phones. All the games most of us played were Mortal Kombat, Mario and few others. As a kid growing up in Kumasi, I was made to believe that other regions had most tourist sites than the Garden City.

There were few places for us to visit in the region so every kid wanted to be at most of the places just to boast to their friends and classmates. You were doomed if your school went on excursion without you.

These were some of the few places every child wanted to visit when growing up in Kumasi. Some are no more in good shape even though they were looking attractive a decade or more ago.

Kumasi Sports Stadium


The Kumasi Sports Stadium was one of the places every child wanted to be. Kids believed it was meant for only adults because of football so students did not sleep when they were of touring the place during their next excursion.

Kumasi Children’s Park


Few minutes drive away from Stadium is Children’s Park. This venue gave kids chance to entertain themselves back then. Every kid wanted to be at the children’s park to play and make new friends. It is sad that the place has collapsed.

Coca Cola


Students do not sleep for three days when they are told that they will be visiting Coca Cola company located at Atonsu. Anyone who returned from the company came with the information that you can drink any amount of Coca Cola when you visit the place so everybody was praying to be there and also know how the beverage is manufactured.

Manhyia Palace


It is not easy to step foot on the soil of Otumfour’s palace so Sianos never joked when they were given hint of visiting the palace.

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Kumasi Zoo


Kumasi Zoo is not attractive anymore but it was one of the places every kid wanted to be many years ago. Where will you see a live elephant, tiger and other wild life animals aside watching them on TV? Everybody wanted to be in the Zoo.

Barekese Dam


The picture friends painted when they visited Barekese Dam made everybody itchy to also be there the following day. Everybody wanted to make history by touring the dam on the Ofin River which supports the main water treatment plant for Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Lake Bosomtwepicnic_063

The road to Bosomtwe is scary but everybody wanted to visit the tourist site.



Aside watching TV and seeing aeroplane far away in the sky, there was noway any child would see a landed airplane. Every kid wanted to visit the Kumasi airport to see how big an aeroplane is.

Cultural Center2690834437186_3520938248270

Cultural Center was the National Theater for Kumasi kids back then. That is where all the party for children happened during festive seasons.


Kumasi had only one university and every child wanted to see how KNUST looked like. Those days had no or few private universities in Kumasi so to be able to tour Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology was a plus for you.


fortkumasi2Kumasi museum had all the machines our colonial masters used. Every child wanted to be at the tourist site to know how things happened in Kwame Nkrumah’s era. It was not easy to get to Cape Coast to see all the castles so we had to entertain ourselves with the museum.

Radio Station


Radio stations were not scattered in the Garden City as it is now. Few stations which were available in Kumasi many years ago were highly respected so to be able to find your way to Garden City Radio or Radio Mercury was something you cannot keep mute about. If your friend gets the chance of entering a radio station, please never get close to him/her because you will not have a peace of mind for decades.