Showbox apk SP flash tool Photos: Actress Salma Mumin Puts Booty And Boobies On Display On Her Vacation Trip In Dubai
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Photos: Actress Salma Mumin Puts Booty And Boobies On Display On Her Vacation In Dubai

salma-muminwhatsapp-image-2017-01-08-at-9-57-31-pmThe year 2017 just started but some Ghanaian celebrities are outside the country on a vacation.

Salma Mumin is one of the many entertainers who have started the year with holiday trips. The actress cum producer is currently in Dubai trying to release stress before she starts working in 2017. has been following Miss Mumin during her stay in Dubai so we can say that she is really having a pleasant time judging from the places she has visited so far.

The CEO of Salma Pictures has been sharing pictures of her vacation with her followers on social media networks just to let them know how she’s chilling in Dubai. These pictures she’s splashed on her social media platforms and others available to are pleasing for the eyes to see.

I know most guys would be happy with what she is showcasing in these pictures because they are just beautiful.

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