Abena Korkor goes deep into why she has been banned at Peduase Lodge – Video

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Controversial media personality and mental health advocate, Abena Korkor, has taken to the public eye once again, this time exposing an alleged unjust ban imposed by Peduase Valley Resort.

In a recent interview with Zionfelix, Korkor revealed her intentions to pursue legal action against the popular hotel for what she perceives as an unfair and unwarranted restriction.

This revelation sheds light on a series of events that unfolded a few months ago, where Korkor was reportedly banned from accessing the premises of the well-known establishment.

Recall that several months ago, news circulated about Abena Korkor’s ban from entering a prominent hotel in Accra, Peduase Valley Resort.

A photograph of Korkor was displayed at the hotel’s reception with an explicit instruction forbidding her from accessing any of the hotel’s accommodations.

Despite the news making headlines, the reason for this ban remained undisclosed, leaving many speculating about the underlying cause.

However, in her recent interview with Zionfelix, Abena Korkor provided her perspective on the incident.

She disclosed that her interaction with the boss of Peduase Valley Resort had taken an unexpected turn.

Allegedly, Korkor was seen swimming in one of the resort’s pools, which prompted an exchange of contacts with the resort’s boss.

As events unfolded, she insinuated that their interactions became more intimate, eventually leading to the present situation.

She expressed her intention to initiate a lawsuit against Peduase Valley Resort.

Korkor argued that her encounter with the resort’s boss led her to believe that their interactions were consensual, and the decision to ban her caught her off guard and without a chance to address any concerns or rectify any misunderstandings.

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