Adjetey Anang reveals how a certain political party enticed him with $50,000 and other juicy offers

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Award-winning Ghanaian actor Adjetey Anang, affectionately known as ‘Pusher,’ has revealed that he will think twice before rendering any political party in the future.

In his book, ‘Adjetey Anang: A Story of Faith, Imperfection, and Resilience,’ he candidly revealed that he once turned down an alluring offer from a ruling party seeking his endorsement for their presidential candidate.

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Well, the veteran actor has now hinted that he might have a different perspective on such opportunities if they were presented to him in present times.

Speaking in an interview, Adjetey Anang expressed that the political climate has evolved, and as a society, they have become more accepting of individuals openly endorsing political parties.

Adjetey Anang explained that Ghana has come a long way, but it still maintains a certain level of sensitivity compared to countries like the United States when it comes to celebrity endorsements in politics.

Although Adjetey Anang refused to specify the exact year of the offer he turned down, he did disclose that it occurred during a period when he was facing financial challenges.

Throwing more light on his confession, Adjetey Anang asserted that the ruling party had enticed him with attractive incentives, such as a car, a generous sum of $50,000, and various other perks, in exchange for his public support of their campaign.

In his recent remarks during the interview, Adjetey Anang suggested that considering the present day and with certain factors taken into account, he might now be open to considering a political offer.

While he did not elaborate on the specific considerations, it is evident that the actor has kept an open mind about potentially engaging in such opportunities.

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