Afronita took back all the things she bought for Abigail – Uncle alleges

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The acting manager and an Uncle to dancer Abigail Dromo has shared some inside stories about the happenings between his niece and her mentor Afronita.

In a phone interview, the uncle identified as Amos revealed that he handles all of Abigail’s affairs and even established contact with Afronita.

According to him, when the issues started, Afronita who is loved and cherished by Abigail took back all the things she bought for Abigail.

He stated that all the dresses and shoes she bought for Abigail were returned and it’s still in the house Afronita.

Amos in the phone conversation revealed that he reached out to Afronita to find out about her actions and all she told him was Abigail was jealous because she saw her dancing with another girl.

Watch the video below:

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