Agradaa slams her husband for making her leave her lucrative fetish priestess job

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Evangelist Patricia known as Nana Agradaa has disclosed that she had zero intentions to convert to Christianity.

According to her, her husband convinced her that he would lead the church but ended up leaving her to her fate.

In the wake of her latest fight with her husband, she has revealed what informed her Christian decision.

Agradaa said her husband, Pastor Oduro Koranteng, was supposed to be ‘behind the pulpit’ and not her.

Explaining further, Agradaa said after switching religions, her husband ended up leaving her to her fate.

“I was a fetish priestess, doing my business in Sowutuom peacefully. I was scared of no one! One day, you came with your pastor, Joseph Kyereh, and asked me to switch to Christianity. The pastor said my husband is a pastor so it won’t be nice for me to remain in that profession. He said I should become a pastor’s wife.

“My husband and these pastors forced me to quit my thriving fetish priest profession. Owusu Bempah was also part of this agenda. So, I built a church, switched religions, and even got baptized. I did all these because I thought you would lead the church and I would follow. But no! You left me in the mud. You were not ready. So, I woke up and took up the pastoral role and you totally gave up on me,” Agradaa retorted.

She added that was the beginning of her frustrations and the root cause of her several rants on social media.

“Out of pain and tears, I came out to speak for the first time and it has been that way since. This has been my headache because I had to figure everything out,” she said.

In 2021, Nana Agradaa bade farewell to the traditional religion by setting her deities on fire and undergoing baptism among others.

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