Agya Koo advises Mr Beautiful to stop the politics of insults

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Renowned comic actor Agya Koo, has issued a cautionary message to his colleague, Mr Beautiful, urging him to refrain from insulting elders when discussing political matters.

Agya Koo’s remarks come in response to Mr Beautiful’s recent comments regarding the performance of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.

Mr Beautiful had previously expressed his discontent with the NPP’s governance, suggesting that if he were in Agya Koo’s position, he would feel ashamed due to the party’s perceived failures.

However, Agya Koo believes that while individuals are entitled to their political opinions, expressing them should be done respectfully and without resorting to insults.

Speaking on Onus FM, Agya Koo emphasized the importance of civil discourse in political dialogue, stressing that differences in opinion should not lead to disrespect, particularly towards elders.

He expressed concern over Mr Beautiful’s tendency to insult elders when expressing his views, highlighting the need for mutual respect and decorum in public discourse.

“I’ve monitored Beautiful for a very long time, but what I have learned is that he cannot express his opinions without insulting elders,” Agya Koo remarked. “I was brought up well, and I will advise that he desist from that.”

Agya Koo further emphasized the importance of maintaining a constructive dialogue in politics, suggesting that healthy debate and discussion are essential for the democratic process.

He called on individuals to express their opinions in a manner that promotes understanding and collaboration rather than division and hostility.

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