Ahuofe Patri emotionally opens up about her depression

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Priscilla Opoku Agyeman, popularly known as Ahuofe Patri, the acclaimed Ghanaian actress, and model has shared an intriguing personal experience during an episode of “Ride and Chat.”

In a candid conversation, she delved into her meteoric rise to fame, shared personal anecdotes, and discussed the importance of open communication, particularly among young people, as she shed light on the prevalence of depression in today’s society.

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Ahuofe Patri’s appearance on the show did not only provid fans with an intimate look into her life but also showcased her commitment to addressing pressing issues, such as mental health.

During the episode, she emphasized the significance of open and honest conversations within families to combat the rising tide of depression.

The actress acknowledged that, contrary to common perceptions, depression is not limited to any particular group and can affect anyone, even those who appear to lead glamorous lives in entertainment.

One notable aspect of her discussion was her refusal to downplay the existence of depression.

During the conversation, Ahuofe Patri also reminisced about her experiences in the film industry.

She highlighted the demanding nature of her work and pointed out that the movie “The Big Six” as one of the most challenging movies she has starred in.

Additionally, she admitted that losing her mother was the first time she truly experienced a broken heart, “My heart was shattered when I lost my mother,” she said.

Watch the full conversation below:

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