Alex Acheampong Of SDA Group, Young Missionaries Releases Two New Singles ‘Nyame Aye Bi’ And Hu Me Mmobo’ – Watch Videos

Alex Acheampong has teamed up with Seventh Day Adventist group, Young Missionaries to churn out two new songs titled ‘Nyame Aye Bi’ and ‘Hu Me Mmobo’.

The songs were released together with its visuals. Alex and Young Missionaries appreciated God for His mercy, blessings, protection, favour and the gift of life in ‘Nyame Aye Bi’.

About Hu Me Mmɔbɔ, Alex Acheampong explained: “The song is for sinners, calling out to God to have mercy, according to His loving kindness. Brethren, as the 2019 year draws closer to its end, we will attest to the fact that, we’ve not been able to achieve all our new year’s resolutions, and we’ve also broken some personal vows we made with God. In a nutshell, we have all sinned and for this reason, it is about time we went on our knees and from our hearts, ask the Lord to have MERCY ON US.”

Watch the videos below.

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