Bullying: Ohemaa Woyeje recounts media career journey

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Angel FM presenter, Ohemaa Woyeje, has opened up about the driving force behind her enduring success in the industry.

Ohemaa Woyeje shared that her resilience stems from a determination to silence doubters and detractors who once questioned her abilities and belittled her achievements.

Overcoming adversity has only fueled her ambition, propelling her forward despite encountering numerous obstacles along the way.

My inspiration is drawn from the challenges I’ve faced,” she explained. “I draw strength from knowing that there are people who wish to see me fail. That’s where I find my courage. I’ve faced bullying and sabotage from both men and women who were once my colleagues, solely because of my capabilities.”

She pointed out the lack of tolerance within the industry towards hardworking colleagues, regardless of being part of the same company.

Yet, she remains steadfast in her resolve, refusing to be deterred by those who seek to hinder her progress. She credited her producer, Nii Kwasi Lartey, for providing support during internal conflicts.

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