Celebrities Who Show Off On Social Media Are Babies – Actress Jabs Colleagues

Ghanaian actress, Kisa Gbekle has thrown quite the shade at her colleagues who “live for the gram”.

According to the light skinned beauty, all those who flaunt their assets online are simply childish.

Celebrities cause lots of havoc with their incessant display of wealth on social media. The sheer splashing of flashy cars, huge mansions, exotic vacations and professional slaying on Instagram especially is enough to cause depression.

Speaking to Zionfelix uncut before a recent trip to the USA Kisa tagged herself a “coded businesswoman” who doesn’t believe in flaunting her financial strength.

She said, “I think people who do that are childish because who are you trying to impress?”

 She added the mantra that flaunting assets will push the youth to be relentless in achieving their goals is bogus because it rather pushes people to do negative things.

Kisa alleged celebrities who flaunt things online do not acquire them legitimately.

She advised the youth not to fall prey to these phony acts.

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