Chris Attoh reveals why left Ghana movie industry for the Nigeran movie industry

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Celebrated Ghanaian actor, Christopher Keith Nii Attoh, professionally known as Chris Attoh has not too long ago opened up about his decision to concentrate more on the Nigerian film industry.

The actor, while speaking in an exclusive interview with 3Music TV, disclosed that he joined the Nigerian film industry because it had a larger market audience. He further detailed that Nigeria possessed a vibrant film industry which offered more opportunities for collaborations.

“At the time, the necessity was that you had to be in the Nigerian space if you wanted a bigger market or a bigger audience. Ghana was great, but the truth is Ghana is small, and if you are trying to get the attention of players beyond Ghana, not just Nigeria, you have to expand.

“And Nigeria has numbers, Nigeria is making films every single day. I’m always looking forward to where we are collaborating instead of being separated,” he said.

Commenting on the lack of progress in the current Ghanaian movie industry, he lamented the lack of mentorship and guidance for creatives in the Ghanaian movie industry, adding that he did not have the right people to show him the way when he was growing.

“I don’t think it’s a matter of not wanting to push ourselves. Growing up, we didn’t have the right mentors. We didn’t have people who brought us up and would take your hand and say this is the way. And it becomes a thing that’s heavy on my heart,” he bemoaned.

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