Countryman Songo Kisses Lilwin’s Girl On Live TV – Watch Video

Adom TV’s presenter, Patrick Osei Agyemang, popularly known as Countryman Songo, is really enjoying his job with an additional packages. has obtained a video of which the controversial sports presenter was kissing Sandra Ababio on live television.

Visibly, it was just for fun but it appears both parties enjoyed it. This action also explains the popular phrase ‘work and happiness’.

The ‘Fire For Fire’ host said others are likely to share what transpired between him and Sandra with some tags—but he seemed not to be bothered.

“By now someone has recorded and shared with the caption Songo and Sandra,” he said amidst his usual ‘Fire for Fire’ chants.

Sandra Ababio and Famous Multimedia team were on the platform to create awareness on the premiere of the ‘Ghetto Hero’ movie which also starred Countryman Song.

It will be premiered at the Silver Bird Cinema on Saturday, 12th October 2019.

Watch Songo and Sandra in action below.

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