Don’t Call Me Patapaa Again – Musician Gives Stern Warning

One Corner hitmaker Patapaa became subject of discussion in the country following his loss in the song of the  year category at this year’s Ghana Music Awards and also about his infamous suit to the event.

Comedian Funny Face took to social media to mock the Swedru-based musician for his oversized outfit for the 19th edition of the award and gave him a new name, Patapeezy. After Ghanaians trolled the Pa2pa soldier’s leader, Emmanuel Adebayor has offered to help him.

The Togolese professional footballer made it clear in a video with Funny Face that he was going to pay an international brand to give Patapaa a new suit for his occasions and also help with his music video shoots.

Let them talk, don’t mind them next show… next award you will go there with Dolce Gabbana Suit… I will send them from Italy and measure you in Ghana,” Adebayor promised.

These pledges from the footballer has been well received by the musician who cannot keep mute. In a video shot in France, Patapaa thanked Funny Face for the hype he gave him after this year’s awards and asked the public to call him by the new name Funny Face gave him, Patapeezy. He boldly voiced out that the name Patapaa is no more and does not want the public including his fans to identify him as that.

“Funny Face has hyped me and has even given me a new name, Patapeezy. I’ve deposited Patapaa in South Africa and left it there. No one should call me Patapaa again, I’m not Patapaa. Call me Patapeezy else I’ll take you to court. We have changed the name Patapaa and now it is Patapeezy” the musician said.

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