Ebony’s Songs Inspire Me – Akosua Black Gold

Many female artists during the time and after Ebony’s death, directly and indirectly, copied her style of singing but none had been bold to tell she motivated them except Akosua Black Gold.
The new sensational artiste, Akosua Black Gold, disclosed on Adom entertainment hall with Mike 2 that, the late Ebony style of music inspired her since she was her biggest fan.
“I am a big fan of Ebony and I always listen to her songs, her songs are inspiring and her songs inspired me more to write my songs”, she said.

The 17-year-old young girl whose single track ‘simple instruction’ making hit said, even though she likes Ebony’s song and emulates her singing style, she did not copy her style of dressing.
“I will not dress like how she dressed even though I like her songs, I am also different and have my own style of dressing”, she stated.
She, therefore, advised the general public particularly the youth to follow simple instructions to enable them not to fall into any trouble.

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