Ewes should be proud of the ‘juju’ tag, it makes them powerful – Mr. Logic states

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Mr. Logic has fervently conveyed his perspectives on the stereotypes linked to the Ewe community and their connection to the ‘voodoo culture’.

The ethnic group from the Volta region has frequently encountered misconceptions and unfavorable categorizations due to their cultural beliefs and rituals.

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Nonetheless, Mr. Logic has encouraged the Ewe people to embrace their cultural heritage without hesitation.

He emphasized the significance of recognizing their traditional wisdom and enchanting practices as wellsprings of empowerment and resilience, rather than aspects to be concealed or disowned.

“Ewes shouldn’t be shy to admit that they possess charm. What is wrong with that? It is what makes them powerful. They have to be proud to be a Voltarian. What will make me marry a Voltarian is the fact that she might have juju. I’ll be proud of it because they’ll say she is powerful. You should be proud of yourselves because you come from a powerful traditional background. We are flesh and blood and what happens in flesh and blood doesn’t even move Jesus”.

During the discussion, the topic of Bishop Charles Agyinasare’s encounter with the Nogokpo shrine was also brought up. Mr. Logic pointed out that such deities typically conduct thorough research before passing judgment.

He highlighted that in Bishop Agyinasare’s case, it was likely that he had not wronged the deity, which resulted in him being set free.

Such deities usually conduct research when you bring issues before him. They don’t just go ahead and issue judgment. He hasn’t wronged the diety that’s why he has been set free. He should attempt doing wrong. For instance, he should try and sleep with someone’s wife and see,” he established.

Mr. Logic encouraged the Ewe community to embrace their roots and heritage, reminding them that their traditions and beliefs are an essential part of their identity and should be celebrated rather than stigmatized.

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