Ghana Goes International With First International Bridal and Fashion Expo

Come  April 14th  to 17th, Ghana’s fashion industry will receive a major boost as the country’s industry would experience her first major International Bridal and Fashion Expo.

An expo which is expected to host notable brands from 15 different countries Ghana inclusive.

House of Suit International Bridal and Fashion Expo which will be held at the Accra City Hotel in Accra, Ghana; is expected to bring to contribute to learning through art, culture and entertainment which has a connection to the way and style of Ghanaians.
According to organizers of the event, 50 booths have being made available for businesses to register for participation.

“We have invited different fashion brands from 15 different countries across the world; Ghana inclusive. We are committed to raise awareness about the opportunities, challenges and demands involved in the future of fashion and bridal in Ghana. Ghana is a leading emerging country in the fashion industry and we must create an environment where we can exchange knowledge among all stakeholders and broaden our network” said Mr. Evans Agyare, Chairman of the planning Committee.

On the issue of why 50 booths for such an International Expo, Mr. Agyare stress on the need for a free movement and the creation a serene business environment for all participants.
“We know there are many businesses in the fashion and bridal industry. From Makeup to Gown and Suits, Beadmakers, fashion designers, Decorators, Floral arrangers, Car rental service providers, dressmakers, shoe designers, jewelry, shoes and bags dealers, the hotels, reception venue operators and many many more. It is not as if we are limiting anyone, we just want to ensure the standard of an International fair is maintained. Everyone of these various sections of the sector is invited to participate but it will be on a first come first serve basis. So the early bird will catch the bigger worms. When the booths are filled, we will announce the end of registration. Let not forget, we will be having foreign counters here so we need to protect the good image of our brand and that of the country. Lets not forget, the fair provides lots of business opportunities for all participants. From Exhibitors to Visitors so no one can afford to miss”.

House of Suit International Bridal and Fashion will be held at the Accra City Hotel from the 14th of April to the 17th of April. Registration is currently for businesses to register for participation.

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