Her skin was peeling off – Doctor who found Dr Grace Boadu’s lifeless body in the bathroom reveals

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The shocking death of Dr Grace Boadu has left many Ghanaians teary.

Speaking in an interview, the medical doctor who found the body of the late Dr. Grace Boadu provided a detailed account of the sequence of events that led to the heartbreaking discovery.

As alleged by the doctor, after multiple unsuccessful attempts to reach Dr. Grace Boadu by phone, he decided to visit her personally.

Upon arriving at her residence, the medical doctor noticed that the gate was locked, prompting him to take a ladder and climb to her bedroom.

To his dismay, Dr. Grace Boadu was not found on the bed. With the assistance of another person assisting him, they broke down the front door and entered the room, where they found her lifeless body soaked in blood inside her bathroom.

According to him, her skin started peeling off when they attempted to lift her from the bathroom.

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