Here’s the trending video of Jackie Appiah’s mansion with her expensive in-house salon (Video)

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Actress Jackie Appiah has again set social media on fire after showing off her multi-million dollar mansion.

Jackie Appiah’s mega-mansion is currently on full display on social media.

A video showing all the interior details and architectural design of her mansion has gone viral on social media.

The A-List Ghanaian actress indeed understands luxury, comfort and class.

Jackie Appiah’s house has a large compound with multiple poolsides, a huge closet, her private salon and others.

And her dining hall area and living room are a dream! They scream cash and class and nothing less.

Jackie’s mansion, unveiled in December 2021, has a sprawling compound with multiple poolside areas.

This massive walk-in closet would be the envy of any fashionista, and even a private salon, leaving no luxury unturned.

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