I Am Still With VVIP And We Are Very Much Together – Reggie Rockstone Fumes

The grandpapa of hiplife has expressed his frustration at recent rumours going around that he has left the legendary hiplife group VVIP.

The rumours started when Reggie released two singles as a solo artiste and VVIP’s latest appearance at the just ended Sallahfest without the hiplife grandpapa.

The self-acclaimed originator of hiplife stated in an interview on Showbiz that the group is very much intact and that he is still a member of the group.

He asked why he was considered the one to break away from the group and asked if it was because he was the newest member of the group.

“I am wondering where all that is coming from, what pisses me off is the fact that no one has spoken to any of us and yet they put it out there that I have left the group.

“Why me? Is it because I am the newest member of the group? I am still with VVIP and we are very much together.

I admit that we have been quiet for the past year but we are still together as a group, no one has left and I haven’t left either,” he said.

When asked why he did not perform with the group at the Sallahfest, Reggie replied that he was sick and hence could not join his crew on the stage that day.

He said “I was sick during the Sallahfest that is why you did not see me but that is all there is to it, VVIP is intact and coming back bigger and better,”

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