I Can’t Repeat Clothes – Yaa Jackson Gives Reasons

Being a celebrity in Ghana definitely has its own laid rules. Musician Yaa Jackson has revealed her position as an artiste doesn’t allow her to repeat clothes.

In a recent interview with Zionfelix uncut, the budding and very vibrant young girl explained she doesn’t repeat clothes because it will give people the wrong impression about her finances.

She said,”if you repeat clothes people will say you have nothing”.

 She added artistes in Ghana don’t worry about clothes because they have more than enough to wear exclusively to their numerous engagements.

This revelation from Yaa isn’t surprising as it seems she has a thing for clothes. She made the news months ago when she said people were envious of her because they couldn’t afford her clothes worth 1, 000 Ghana cedis.

One sure thing is the celebrity and slaying lifestyle isn’t for the faint hearted or poor.

Yaa’s latest track ‘me k)n ad)’ is making waves.

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