I Collapsed 3 times while living with Kuami Eugene because of hunger – Kuami’s ex-maid alleges

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It seems Kuami Eugene’s, former househelp Mary has a lot on her chest since she was dismissed.

In another recent interview, she disclosed how she was constantly fainting in Kuami’s house because of lack of food.

Just a few days ago, the lady was in the news for revealing that she was being paid Ghc400 a month as salary when she worked as a house help in the house of Kuami Eugene, a revelation that received mixed reactions on Social media that it even attracted a reaction from the musician.

In this new interview, Mary has disclosed that there were times there was no food at home and she would starve because Eugene had not given her money to buy food stuffs to prepare food and on those occasions, when she asked her former boss, he would procrastinate and tell her that, he would give her cash to buy them but would ignore and step out, leaving her to starve.

All of this is coming after she was fired by the musician and although Kuami has not issued an official statement, the girl has mentioned that she was asked because she returned late on an errand one day and that infuriated the Rockstar who demonstrated the cordial relationship between him and his house help on Social media several times.

“Sometimes I don’t get food to eat and wasn’t eating healthy and that was what caused all of those problems” – she’s heard telling the host, De Mad King who in shocked asked, why that was the case since she was the cook in the house, so she even has access to food.

Her response was; “Yes but there are times that there would be no food stuffs at home to prepare any food and Kuami would be stepping out and when I would ask him money for food, he would tell me, he won’t be long so I should wait but he wouldn’t come back early as he had promised and then with no money on me, I’m forced to starve.

Kuami Eugene and Mary’s relationship was very cordial that many people began to even read meaning into it.

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