I don’t believe in the Bible, I see it as a storybook – Archipalago reveals

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USA-based Ghanaian musician and promoter, Archipalago has revealed that he doesn’t believe in the Bible for the reason being that he sees it as just a manipulative storybook.

The outspoken social media influencer argued in an interview with ZionFelix that the Bible isn’t the direct words of the creator but a storybook given to us by our slave masters.

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He claimed these so-called pastors are duping their church members by using the Bible which is fake.

Palago said because he doesn’t believe in the Bible, he doesn’t waste his time reading or spending hours in church every Sunday.

Watch the video below to know more…

Archipalago isn’t the first Ghanaian celebrity to boldly come out to trash the Bible.

One Love Kubolor, Sister Derby, Mzbel, and a host of others have all described the Bible as a storybook in the past.

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