I don’t own a house in Ghana because I’m using all my money to chill – Obaa Cee discloses

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In a recent interview with popular Ghanaian content creator Zionfelix, renowned TikToker Obaa Cee opened up about her financial priorities and dispelled assumptions about her property investments.

Obaa Cee, who has garnered fame for her engaging content on TikTok, shared that despite spending 14 years in the United States, she has not invested in building a house in Ghana.

Contrary to expectations, she candidly revealed that she channels her hard-earned money into her personal preferences, particularly enjoying meat and leisure activities.

During the interview, Obaa Cee expressed her love for meat and her penchant for indulging in chilling.

She humorously mentioned that she dedicates a significant portion of her income to savouring the pleasures of life, including her fondness for meat and other forms of relaxation.

The TikTok sensation emphasized that, for now, she finds contentment in having a place to stay whenever she visits Ghana and does not feel compelled to invest in personal property.

Obaa Cee acknowledged that while she might consider purchasing a house in the future, it is not currently part of her immediate plans.

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