I Have Private Life – Actress

Actress Flora Yayra Dentsui has declared that though she is a public figure, she has a private life she considers as a no-go area for the media.
She told this writer that her love life was private business and she would not discuss it with anyone.
“No! That’s a no-go area because my private life must remain private. This is an interview and I have a right to say what I want to say and what not to say. Besides, my love life is a private issue and I don’t want it on the internet.”
The actress hinted that it was wrong for her to discuss her private life in public. She advised her colleagues in the movie to desist from discussing their private life in public.
She could be described as a reluctant star because her entry into Ghanaian movie industry was not her decision but the result of mounting pressures from various movie makers and directors who saw her talent for the silver screen shining.
“I’ve been in movie industry for a decade now. I actually joined the industry through a friend who is a script writer and director”, she said.
This writer has gathered that Flora’s shine in the movie industry is aiding her to get more roles.
She no longer goes for auditioning, and with some producers now coming to terms with her acting prowess, they call her to pick up scripts.
She disclosed that she is warming up for yet another exciting movie with the working title ‘Love Is Evil’, by her own production outfit, Flogate productions.
She added that she is playing a supporting role as a maid servant in the new movie.
This is the first time she is playing a maid servant and she said fans should look out for sheer entertainment from her.

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