I wasn’t ordained, the media made me a pastor – Majid Michel reveals

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Unlike 99% men of God who get ordained before carrying the cross, actor and humanitarian who’s now an apostle of Christ has confessed that he didn’t get ordained before becoming a pastor.

As confessed by Majid Michel, it was the media that made him a pastor by addressing him as a man of God without his permission.

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In an interview on DayBreak Hitz on Hitz FM, he explained that he began lecturing at various meetings, churches, and conferences to spread what he had discovered about Christianity.

He further explained that although he has never been to any Bible school, he still has a deep understanding of the scriptures and he’s very grateful to the Holy Spirt for its guidance.

Majid Michel said;

After I grew up and discovered it for myself I decided to teach it. In a bid to share what I have learned, the media saw me in various churches, conferences, and gatherings where I spoke about these things and it was the media that said I was a pastor but I have never been to the bible school. I have never been an ordained pastor,” 

“Growing up I never understood any of those things (being Christian), and after I grew up, I found out for myself, read it for myself, and because I never understood the teachings all through the church, or school, it didn’t make any sense to me,” 

“I have said it so many times that I don’t want to diminish the anointing God has given to me. I am a true believer in the living God, the God who created heaven and earth.

“I am a believer in the fact that God sent his son, called Yesua to the world to redeem his people, yes I believe that,” 

Michel said that he did not fully understand Christianity when he was younger but later read and studied the Bible to gain a better understanding. He then wanted to share what he had learned with others who might be in a similar situation.

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