‘I will paralyze you with an hour atopa’ – Prophet Kumchacha tells Diana Asamoah

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Ghanaian preacher Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha, has found himself embroiled in a contentious feud with gospel artist Evangelist Diana Asamoah, generating significant controversy and public debate.

During a conversation on Okay FM’s Best Entertainment Show, Prophet Kumchacha escalated the conflict by issuing a provocative challenge to Diana Asamoah.

He dared her to engage in a sexual encounter with him, aiming to prove his potency and refute her previous comments about him.

Expressing disappointment in Diana Asamoah’s shift from focusing on spreading the message of Christ to engaging in social media feuds, Prophet Kumchacha warned her about the potential consequences of her actions if she chose to spar with social media warriors.

Prophet Kumchacha recounted an earlier incident where Diana Asamoah allegedly taunted him by questioning his virility, referring to him as impotent.

In response, he boldly claimed that he could render her incapacitated within an hour in a sexual challenge, seeking to disprove her claims and showcase his vitality.

These verbal exchanges and challenges have highlighted the mounting tensions within Ghana’s religious community, leaving many followers and observers divided on the matter.

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