I’ll Use My Last Penny For Evangelism Instead Of Paying My Child’s School Fees – Actress Gloria Kani

Actress turn evangelist Gloria Kani has stated that she would sacrifice all that she has including her son’s school fees to fund the work of the Lord.

The evangelist said the calling to do the work of the Lord is in her household stating that her mother and brother were both evangelists.

She said there were times when her mother would use the money at home for transportation to go and preach and by the time she returns someone would have provided their meal.

Kani revealed in the interview that even though it has not happened yet, if ever she has to use her son’s fees for evangelism, she would not think twice about it.

She recalled one time when her son asked for a phone and she told him plainly that she was going to use the money she had for the work of God.

She expressed her gratitude to God for giving her a son who understands what she does and does not complain when she has no money for him.

Kani stated that she has been in the world and has done all the worldly things one can think of but just like Archbishop Duncan Williams, she found her way back into the light.

She admitted to fornication, backstabbing and many other things including abortion. She revealed that she had done four abortions.

This is because as a young lady, she had a wild side and therefore had no time to keep a pregnancy.

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