“I’m no longer married to Pinamang” – Yaw Sarpong speaks for the first time

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Veteran Ghanaian gospel musician Yaw Sarpong has finally spoken out, seeking to set the record straight after his estranged wife, Maame Pinamang, leveled several serious accusations against him on a recent episode of Aunty Naa’s popular talk show.

Pinamang alleged that Yaw Sarpong’s family had barred her from seeing the renowned gospel artist.

She also claimed that Tiwaa, Yaw Sarpong’s well-known backing singer, had ‘snatched’ him away from her, hinting at a romantic entanglement between the two musicians.

During the emotionally charged segment, Aunty Naa contacted Tiwaa for her side of the story.

Tiwaa firmly denied any romantic involvement with Yaw Sarpong, stating their relationship is purely professional and platonic.

However, the discussion took a heated turn when Maame Pinamang interrupted Tiwaa’s submission, hurling accusations and calling her derogatory names.

Further intensifying the drama, Pinamang suggested that Tiwaa had used spiritual means to influence Yaw Sarpong, insinuating that she was a witch.

These allegations have sparked significant controversy and public interest, drawing reactions from fans and the wider gospel music community.

In a bid to clarify the situation, Yaw Sarpong has spoken out, revealing that he and Maame Pinamang have been divorced for nearly two decades.

This revelation adds a new dimension to the ongoing saga, suggesting that the issues between Yaw Sarpong and his estranged wife are deeply rooted in the past.

“I want to set the records straight. Maame Pinamang and I have been divorced for about 20 years,” Yaw Sarpong stated. “The allegations being made are not only false but hurtful. Tiwaa has been nothing but a dedicated backing singer and a trusted colleague.

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