“I’m ready for my fashion beef with Cheddar, I’ll -defeat him” – Osebo brags

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If you are one of those who have been championing a fashion battle between Osebo The Zaraman and entrepreneur, Freedom Jacob Caesar popularly known as Cheddar, then the wait is over.

This is because Osebo says he is not a coward to run away from such a “fight” and ever ready for any competition that questions his fashion credibility and status.

In a social media post earlier today, Osebo mentioned that being a good fashionista wasn’t about being rich or wearing expensive brands.

“To those of you who think this beef is about who is Rich and who wears expensive brands. Why didn’t you choose MR Kwame despite and other rich men over me instead?  Why me? Because we are talking about combination is a calculation 🧮 not who is richer. Remember being a fashionista is different from being a stylist, I’m not a coward when it comes to combination is a calculation and I’m ever ready for this beef period,” he posted.

Osebo’s post is quite reassuring for his teeming fans on social media who might have lost some confidence in their “fashion hero” after announcing that he was leaving Ghana for shopping outside to match up to the task ahead of him.

“I’m leaving ghana 🇬🇭 for some time. I will come back to beef whoever you guys want me to, @iamfreedom is not a small fish 🐟 to catch, I love him, I respect him and his high fashion sense. I’m going for some shopping 🛒 I will come back soon,” 

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