I’m A School Dropout And I Am Proud About It – Actress Tracy Boakye

Young entrepreneur and actress, Tracy Boakye, has revealed that she decided to drop out of school when she was in her second year at the Senior High School at Angel Educational Complex.

Miss Boakye added during a recent interview on Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix show that even though her family didn’t agree with her, she is a very proud school dropout because she believes she would have wasted a lot of her precious time in school if she had completed.

The Signature Unisex Salon owner speaking on ‘Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix’ continued that all through her life, all she had wanted to be was an entrepreneur and an actress and that if she had decided to complete SHS, she wouldn’t have been where she is today. Tracy also made the point that contrary to suggestions that she dropped out because she was ‘dumb’ academically, she was very good in Mathematics and English but her only problem was Science.

The movie producer also revealed that she decided to stop schooling in her second year at Angel Educational Complex SHS in Kumasi because she saw the sort of pressure public sector workers get because of their work. She, therefore, wondered many times if that was going to be her fate after her education. And since she didn’t want to be told what to do all the time, she believes it was a great decision she took.

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‘The ‘Devil Between My Legs’ actress and producer further told Zionfelix during the interview that she is a proud owner of a six-bedroom house, two fine cars, and a business all because she didn’t allow a classroom to confine her from becoming what she really wanted to be.

As such, she is very proud that she dropped out of school.

Watch the full interview below…

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