“It’s impossible to reach Abraham Atta because he’s now a star” – Strika reveals

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Ghanaian actor Strika has opened up about his relationship with fellow movie star Abraham Attah, revealing the challenges of maintaining their friendship in the face of Attah’s stardom in the United States.

Strika reminisced about their close connection during their younger years after starring together in the acclaimed film Beast Of No Nation.

However, he revealed that the once-frequent communication between them has dwindled over time.

The actor shared that, unfortunately, he no longer hears from Attah, attributing the change to Attah’s fame in the US.

Strika expressed that as Attah has become a prominent star, reaching out to him has become a difficult task, with the only viable channel being through Attah’s management.

We used to be in touch a lot when we were kids after Beast Of No Nation, but these days, it’s hard to get through to him. He’s a big star in the US, and the only way to reach out is through his management. Strika revealed

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