Kofi Asamoah Drops Heart Breaking New Year Message For Those He Has Offended – Watch Video

Kofi Asamoah, CEO of Kofas Media

The advent of a new year usually witness many people scribble their new year resolutions and many others apologize to the people they have offended in the previous year. However, the new year message of Ghanaian movie producer and CEO of KOFAS media, Kofi Asamoah is one that will certainly break the heart of those he has offended and has any beef with.

In a video of the ‘Amakye And Dede’ movie director available to zionfelx.net, he starts by giving a very sweet and lovely new year’s message to those who love him and those who hate him alike and reveal that the start of the year has been very great for him.

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Kofi Asamoah then makes mention of those he has offended in the previous year but just when one thought that he was going to probably ask for forgiveness and request that they put the previous year behind them, he shockingly stated that he has never changed even though we are in 2019, and that he is going to be the same old Kofi Asamoah who will piss them off again and again.

Watch Kofi Asamoah’s hilarious new year’s message:

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