Kuami Eugene is alive – LYNX Entertainment speaks

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Following news of Ghanaian musician Kuami Eugene’s involvement in a car accident, Lynx Entertainment, the record label representing him, has issued an official press statement.

The release confirms that Kuami Eugene is alive and receiving treatment after sustaining injuries in the crash, along with one passenger.

While expressing gratitude for the support from fans, media, and the public, the label urges for privacy as the artist begins his recovery process.

Kuami Eugene narrowly escaped a potentially fatal accident when his car collided with a tipper truck on Sunday night.

Eyewitness Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri, Editor for Modern Ghana news portal, recounted being behind the musician’s vehicle at the time of the incident around 11:30 pm.

It is reported that the award-winning Ghanaian artiste was not driving himself when the accident occurred.

His driver was the one behind the wheels but we don’t know yet how he ran into the tipper,” a source said. No one has died from the accident, however, injuries were recorded.

Kuami Eugene is sad to be doing fine after sustaining minor injuries that have been quickly treated at a hospital.

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