Kwaku Manu Wasn’t Helping Me After He Became Rich & Famous – Brother Speaks

Fast-rising actor Joseph Appiah AKA Filaman has revealed on ZionFelix’s “Uncut” show the kind of relationship he has with his brother Kwaku Manu.

Joseph rose to fame about a year ago when he started doing comedy skits with his brother Kwaku on YouTube.

The duo captured hearts with their funny videos and Filaman is hoping to make a name for himself in the industry.

Speaking to Zionfelix in an interview, the comedian confessed that he was never really on good terms with his brother Kwaku Manu when he was younger.

This is because he led a life way back in his hometown Obuasi that the popular actor did not approve of.

Filaman added that it was not until he decided to shun the behaviour that he got the chance to be close to Kwaku Manu.

The fast-rising comedian and actor added that Kwaku Manu did not help him when he was growing up even though he was a star by then.

According to Kwaku’s brother, Kwaku had to take care of his other siblings while their eldest brother was responsible for him.

As a result, whenever he needed anything, he went straight to his eldest brother instead of Kwaku.

However after some time, he was going to both Kwaku and his other brother because according to him, one source was not enough to sustain him.

Speaking about his acting career, Filaman told Zionfelix that he initially wanted to be a footballer because that was his passion.

He revealed that Kwaku Manu did his best to send him into a football academy but the officials in the academy kept asking for money because of how popular Kwaku was.

He decided to quit the academy and start acting like his senior brother.

Watch the video below:

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