Leaving the SDA church changed my destiny for good – Kwaku Manu

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Kwaku Manu was born into the Seventh-Day Adventist Church but he has shunned the church without any regret.

During a conversation with Ghanaian Radio Presenter, Nana Romeo on Ayekoo Ayekoo show on Accra 100.5 FM, the actor said “I used to be an SDA member, then I moved to Mama Vida’s church … since it’s a fitting and conducive place, I stayed put.”

Kwaku Manu details that since his job “involves many people,” he needs “an arm that is heavy and strong to push him [forward], both physically and spiritually”.

Kwaku Manu also emphasises that he needed a church that guarantees spiritual fortification.

In my speaking, it can happen that some people are in favour or against. I’m an actor. It’s a job that involves multitudes [also]. If your spirit is not heavy and strong, you cannot stand before or lead multitudes,” he said.

He continued that “so looking at the home I am from, and looking at myself – I always say my spirit speaks to me – I couldn’t have come out [of obscurity, staying there].

You know God can destine you for greatness but if care is not taken, human beings can suppress it? Moses was told to take the Israelites to the Promised Land but he couldn’t make it himself. So, you can hear God’s voice alright but ask yourself if the church you’re in can take you to your expected end,” Manu added.

According to the actor, “the [SDA] church does not like moviemaking. It’s like being a Jehovah’s Witness and wanting to become president. How can that happen? So if you have that vision, you need to leave that place [congregation]”.

Justifying his reason for leaving the SDA church, Kwaku Manu said there are instances in the Bible where God told people to move away from their present location if they wanted to be prosperous and established.

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