Madhaus CEO, Livingston Aik Abani Debunks Allegations That He Is Spreading HIV/AIDS

Ghana-based Nigerian businessman and CEO of Madhaus Entertainment, Livingston Aik Abani has debunked allegations that he has HIV/AIDS and has been deliberately spreading it to several popular females in Ghana.

The rumours started and spread wide across the web, when an unknown Snapchat account posted these damning allegations.

Mr Abani has shared a photo of a lab result from MDS-Lancet Laboratories Ghana Limited, dated February 19, 2019, to prove that he is HIV-Negative.

He asked the general public to disregard the rumours and asked “the person behind it and the ones posting should stop being cowardly and come out in the open if there’s truth to their allegations. You can’t hide behind social media handles and tarnish someone’s image”.

He added that he has reported the matter to the Ghana Police.

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