Medikal To Release A Second ‘Strongman Diss’ Song?

 Medikal To Release A Second ‘Strongman Diss’ Song?


Apparently, even the deaf has a clue of what is the trending news in Ghana currently. The Medikal-Strongman “beef”, which has earned the interest of every Ghanaian household, with very reputable persons, including co-musicians, actors and bloggers taking to twitter and other social media platforms to opine on the situation.

While rivalry in Ghanaian music is not a novel phenomenon, the bandwagon around this one between rapper Strongman and the current holder of the Ghana’s Best Rapper accolade, Medikal, seem to have skyrocketed to an all time high.

We have witnessed a couple of rivalry pertaining to music in Ghana but what led to this current one?

The current Best Rapper in Ghana at this year’s VGMAs, took to his social media platforms days back to announce the release of his song “To whom it may Concern”. The song actually did raise “Concerns” as Rapper strongman perceived it to be a direct attack on his music career and his personality.

This goaded strongman to reply with a song “Don’t Try”, apparently warning Medikal to desist from inciting rivalry between the two.

The “Omo ada” hitmaker, desiring to prove his dexterity and to establish himself as deserving the Best Rapper award over every current rapper, especially Strongman, made a successive track titled “The Last Burial”, making clear direct references to Strongman.

Few hours after ‘The Last Burial’ drooped from MDK’s camp, Strong Gee also made another song “Immortal” to offset the damage “Last burial” may have caused.

But wait, when we thought all was said and done, the ‘Omo ada’ hitmaker has again, for the third time, taken to his social media platforms to announce the release of a third song titled “Drip” which will be released at 9pm today, June 23.

Is it a third “Strongman diss” song from Medikal or we should expect something else?

Well, the two seem to be enjoying the attention, but let us also enjoy the fun while it lasts.


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