My daughter is losing investors because of false rumours – Nana Adwoa Awindor

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Nana Adwoa Awindor, a distinguished television host and the esteemed Development Queenmother of the Afigya-Kwabre district in the Ashanti Region, has revealed that her daughter faced a significant setback in her career due to baseless rumors.

Nana Adwoa Awindor disclosed that her daughter was unfortunately denied a substantial opportunity due to the spreading of unfounded speculations.

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In the face of such adversity, she consistently imparts the wisdom of disregarding pessimism and remaining resolute, as these unverified stories tend to lose their potency over time.

I know my daughter, I tell her not to take it in but pray about it, it will die off. The stories break her because these are instances where you are working on something to push her and these things come up.

“This is why I was saying that we need to be careful of the way we do things and say things because you never know the effects.

“There was an instance we were working on a huge project and such news broke out. If you are an investor and you want to invest in a person and you hear such things, whether it is true or not, before you say jack, you may have taken a step back to check it,” she said on Joy Prime.

She stated that she has no regrets about supporting her daughter to be a musician despite the negativity that keeps clouding her shine.

She, however, expressed optimism about Efya’s great future and the negativity as “propellers” to push her to greater heights.

As a mother, I feel bad about it but I know God has a better place for her. Maybe, these are propellers because the news affects us but like I said earlier, the better part of us is yet to come and not what is gone. I don’t believe in that,” Mrs. Awindor added.

She, however, pledged her support as a mother even if Efya decides to venture into something else.

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