“My father built a studio for me when I started music” – Reggie Rockstone reveals

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During a recent interview on Asaase radio, the renowned Hiplife legend Reggie Rockstone revealed a unique aspect of his music journey.

While numerous tales circulate about young artists grappling with financial hardships to bring their music to the world, Reggie Rockstone shared a different narrative.

He disclosed that during the initial stages of his career, his father played a pivotal role in providing him with unwavering financial support to fuel his artistic passion.

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Unlike many struggling artists, Reggie Rockstone never encountered any major financial obstacles throughout his career.

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He attributed this smooth journey to the immense support he received from his father, who served as his rock and pillar of strength.

His father wholeheartedly embraced his son’s musical aspirations and took it upon himself to cater to Reggie’s financial needs.

With his father’s consistent support, Reggie Rockstone could fully concentrate on his music without the burden of financial constraints.

This financial stability allowed him to channel his energy and creativity into honing his craft, nurturing his talent, and ultimately becoming a Hiplife legend.

“I didn’t have those financial challenges. My father had money and I also had an executive producer,” he said.

Reggie Rockstone further revealed that his father built him a studio for his music.

“My father really has blessed me. My father really loved me and my relationship with him was amazing before his death.

He continued; “We will go to the studio, and my father will ask the price of the studio and construct our own studio,” he stated.

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