My Uncle R@ped Me At Age 14 – Kumawood Actress Akua Serwaa Shares Sad Story

Kumawood actress Akua Serwaa has revealed on Zionfelix’s “Uncut Show” that she was defiled as a teenager by her uncle.

The actress who initially refused to disclose this information, finally spoke about the traumatising experience she had to go through.

According to Akua, she was quite endowed physically even as a teenager and received a lot of compliments from people because of that.

She claimed that her uncle sent her to buy gari and groundnut for him, and when she brought it back, he took advantage of her.

She was just 14 years old then and was in JHS 1.

After much hesitation, she revealed that her uncle was not punished for what he did to her and was allowed to go scot-free.

When asked if she had any hatred for her uncle, Akua Serwaa said that she used to when she was younger but she has learnt to forgive him and has moved on from the experience.

Watch the video below:

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