Name Akwaaba Village after my wife – Mr Aduonum suggests

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Afua Asantewaa’s Sing-A-Thon event at Akwaaba Village captured the attention of the world, showcasing her talent and promoting the vibrant culture of Ghana.

Now, her husband, Kofi Aduonum is urging the state to consider naming the iconic location after his wife as a gesture of recognition for her significant contributions.

In an interview, Mr Aduonum expressed his belief that Akwaaba Village is a fitting name, but he went further to propose honoring his wife by incorporating her name into the venue.

He suggested names such as “Asantewaa’s Stage” or “Asantewaa’s Corner” to pay tribute to her remarkable achievements and her role in putting the location on the global map.

Mr Aduonum emphasized that Asantewaa’s Sing-A-Thon had not only showcased the rich cultural heritage of Ghana but had also become a historic event that drew attention worldwide.

Naming a specific area within Akwaaba Village after Afua Asantewaa, he argued, would serve as a lasting tribute and tourist attraction, allowing visitors to learn about the iconic performance that resonated with audiences globally.

In his words;

“Akwaaba Village is a perfect name, but I think it is high time we honoured my wife, Asantewaa. They should give her a space, maybe Asantewaa’s stage or Asantewaa’s corner.“

“It will serve as a tourist site. Those who watched it on TV, anytime they visit Accra, will visit it and know where the lady performed. It is a personal appeal, but I believe it should be considered“.

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