Nana Addo’s Government Is Under-Performing – Actor

Clemento Suarez

Ghanaian comic actor Clement Ashietey known in showbiz as Clemento Suarez is not enthused about the performance of the Nana Addo-led government.

The multi-talented actor after critically studying the president and his appointees’ performance after they came into power on January 7 last year has concluded that “everything is the same if not worse.” Mr. Ashietey in a Facebook post listed his reasons for saying the government is relaxed in its duties.

According to him, the citizens are not criticising the current leadership as they did to  Mahama’s administration years back. He continued to remind Ghanaians of some public officials who are taking gargantuan cash as salary but have not produced good results for the country after working for 12 months.

“I think this government is having it too easy. they are relaxed and comfortable because we are not firing them like we did to the previous one.
let me remind you that
1. there is a Minister for Inner cities and Zongo Development who has received his salary for a whoooooole year now (12345 saaaa 12 months- and his pay too is not 5 taazin oo, its above plus the other insentives)
2. Fuel price is always going up (petrol and Gas, I don’t know about diesel)


And from nowhere they want to collect tv license that we stopped paying tazin years ago.
are you bringing back bob tv or discovery channel or even cartoon network …..please please please

President Nana Addo don’t take the love shown you to be our weakness. you and your government must respect us.
Mo nny3 nea ehia ansa nnea afata n’aba.
if you people think you have made some mistakes by clearing off some taxes and introducing Free form 1,dont be shy to reverse and apologize to us. The earlier the better.
we cant have 110 ministers and their deputies who are being paid for poli poli poli 12 months and everything is the same if not worse.
help me out-what is the difference between ministry of information and ministry of communication” the king of stage play posted on Facebook Friday.

Clemento Suarez started acting in 2003 while at Tema Secondary School and has staged a couple of other plays including ‘Blue Black.’ He has also starred in television series ‘Master and 3 Maids’ and is now part of the popular TV comedy show ‘Kejetia Vs Makola.

The comic actor who is also a musician has released a couple of comic songs and videos like ‘Oluu’ ft. 2Kz, ‘L.A. Primary,’ and ‘DABB’.

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