New Taxi Ride, Swift-Wheels Launches On Friday

A new taxi ride-hailing service, Swift-Wheels is in and launches on Friday, September 13 2019.

Swift Wheels is a tech company which provides on-demand ride-hailing services in the mobility and transport industry. Established in October 2017, Swift Wheels is here to address the challenges of commuters in Ghana with its mobile application on both Android and iOS platforms and a web application to connect commuters to cab services. The Swift-Wheel software requires users to access the service through smartphone but with different applications for the both drivers and riders on Google Playstore or Apple Appstore as Swift- Wheels Affiliate and Swift-Wheels respectively.  

Riders simply download the Swift-Wheels mobile App and sign up with at least 30 seconds. With this done, a rider will be connected to a nearby cab based on request. 

What differentiates Swift-Wheels from its competitors is the flexibility for riders and drivers to commute and connect with each other especially with its PaddyRide thus saving cost for the Rider, who can complete a ride with as little as GH  1.70You can’t achieve an excellent ride with such a limited budget unless you use the Swift-Wheels service to afford you one thing: Excellence in Motion!

With safety central to the core values of the company, Swift-Wheels ensures that drivers who sign up onto the platform have valid drivers license and vehicle has been insured comprehensively. Our customers service personnel are dedicated to help address customers issues with the service and appropriate actions meted out on the drivers however, until driver is found guilty after investigation into the incident.

In a bid to present its riders with exceptional services, Swift-Wheels to deliver 3 values: Convenience, cost and time saving with three services namely;

SwiftGo: This is the basic service which connects cabs to commuters in the cities. 

 RideWithMe: The driver in this context could be corporate workers who intend to save money by sharing their rides with other users on the Swift Wheels platform. This rider and driver (vehicle owners) share the same route thus becomes economical for both users.

Paddy Ride: This service is much flexible in its delivery; riders can connect with other riders with the same destination and/or route to share cost as with carpooling. Paddy Ride costs relatively lower as compared to “Ride with me” and “SwiftGo” since riders share the cost of the cumulative journey depending on the time and distance a rider lasts during the journey.

This technology driven approach to solving the various challenges in the transport industry by providing a cost effective, transparent billing, time saving and safer transport solution in Ghana and other African markets. To achieve the vision of the company, which seeks to create a complete experience of world class transportation and delivery service for everyone. 

For now, the company operates in the cities of Accra and projected to scale to other cities in Ghana and the subregion. 

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