Prophet Badu Kobi Goofed Big Time, He Should Apologize To Asante Women – Pastor Joshua Ofori

Founder and leader of Rest House Chapel in North Kaneshie, Pastor Joshua Ofori has condemned and advised fellow Pastor Emmanuel Badu Kobi to retract and apologise for erring recently.

Pastor Badu Kobi of the Glorious Wave Church incited public anger days ago when he made distasteful comments about females from certain tribes in Ghana.

He specifically advised men to stay away from marrying Ashanti ladies if they wanted peace.

Pastor Kobi branded Ashanti women as greedy and proud and opportunists.

This statement irked people and caused him to trend on social media for the wrong reasons.

When asked by Zionfelix what his thoughts on this issue was, Pastor Joshua threw more light on the impact a simple word like “sorry” can have on people. 

He said; “Pastor Badu Kobi and I know each other very well but this utterance is unfortunate and bad. I think he should stop the defense mechanism and simply apologise”.

 He further condemned the tendency of people to blacklist entire tribes based on few examples they see.

Pastor Joshua is hosting ‘stop that cry 19’ from the 4th to the 11th of August. The general public is invited to experience God’s power in a miraculous way.

Watch the interview below.

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