Sack Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Dr. Ziblim – FOCAP Begs Akufo-Addo

Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Dr. Ziblim Barri Iddi

The Federation Of Concerned Arts Professionals (FOCAP), an arts-based pressure group has called on the president of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to dismiss the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Dr. Ziblim Barri Iddi.

The group in a statement released on Monday, September 10 and forwarded to expressed worried over the recent comments Dr. Ziblim made about the arts industry in recent interviews. FOCAP in the statement described his utterance as shameful which should not have been made by a minister of state.

They said in the statement that the deputy minister’s statement that 60% percent of the works on the refurbishment of the Koforidua Cultural Centre has been achieved ahead of the National Festival of Arts and Culture (NAFAC) in November 2018 is false.

The pressure group further pleaded with the president of Ghana to sack Dr. Ziblim Barri Iddi with immediate effect because they believe he is not the right person for the position.

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Read the unedited press statement below:


Foundation of Concerned Arts Professionals (FOCAP) is deeply worried and saddened by the various comments made by the Deputy Minister of Tourism Arts and Cultural, Dr Ziblim on the recent series of interviews granted to media houses on the state of the Arts Industry. It is shameful to say the least, how Dr Ziblim is trying to defend the indefensible and rather making mockery of his own government and party (NPP) and the country as a whole. The Minister in an attempt to make meaning of the neglect the NPP party has shown to the Arts Industry on the manifesto promises rather exposed the shortfall of his own government within the Arts Industry.

Dr Ziblim came under attack over a series of blunders he committed in answering questions about the NPP manifesto which he tried to explain with mere English and also tried to convince us that what was written in the manifesto on one theatre one region was misconstrued by all and sundry. FOCAP wants to tell Dr Ziblim and the Ministry of Tourism Art and Culture that we are not naive about the NPP manifesto and what they promised under the Creative Arts Industry. FOCAP will not accept the lies and deception the Deputy Minister is trying to portray.

The Deputy Minister also in an interview, made a shocking revelation that 60% percent of the works on the refurbishment of the Koforidua Cultural Centre has been achieved ahead of the National Festival of Arts and Culture (NAFAC) in November 2018. Research findings indicate that this is not factual and an inaccurate report by the Minister. The project per our research has not seen any percentage of works at all and it is not likely to be completed before NAFAC.


If this is the 60% project work done to take on the NAFAC programme in November, FOCAP wants to tell Dr Ziblim to resign with immediate effect or be kicked out of the ministry as Deputy Minister by the President. The Arts Industry will not accept this propaganda from the Minister, trying to make us believe all is well. The insensitivity on the part of the Ministry and Dr Ziblim should not be encouraged within the Arts Industry.

FOCAP is calling on President Nana Akufo Addo that with immediate effect, the Deputy Minister Dr Ziblim should proceed on leave to save his government the shame Dr Ziblim is bringing to His High Office that appointed him and the NPP as a whole. FOCAP also calls on President Nana Akufo Addo to make sure what they promised in their manifesto to the Arts Industry is implemented.


FOCAP want to congratulate the brilliant work done by the media especially on the follow up of the Koforidua project. This FOCAP believes is the true way to make the media watch dog role effective and would help the Arts Industry become a very vibrant one.


Kojo Preko Dankwa Mel Kwesi Davis Enoch Agyapong

Convener Convener Convener

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10TH September 2018