Samini’s former manager exposes Ayisha Modi’s deep lies

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Samini’s former manager known in the showbiz circles as Tony Pun has publicly exposed Ayisha Modi in a fresh Facebook post.

Recall that during an exclusive interview with Zionfelix just a few days ago, Ayisha Modi lied that she was the one who sponsored Samini’s “Gyae Shi” music video.

As lied by Aisha Modi, she was just 16 years old when she invested $90,000 into the music video production.

However, as clarified by Tony Pun, there’s no music video for Samini’s “Gyae Shi”.

In a Facebook post, he described Ayisha Modi as a woman suffering from bipolar because she’s always inconsistent with her words.

Hahaha….I’m sure this Ayisha girl get the Bipolar Some. Damn, Bitch can Lie pass Bawumia.

We No shoot video for Gyae Shi sef. SMH, lol.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview on OBI TV, Ayisha Modi said,

By the age of 14, I used to walk with musicians like Samini, and I used to sponsor Samini’s music career. I paid for their studio time anytime they had a studio session. Sometimes, when my mother sends me on an errand to the market, I use the money to sponsor Samini, then I will lie to her that the money got missing.”

Ayisha also explained that her actions were not just about Samini but were a way of sharing her God-given gift to help talented people who couldn’t afford to pursue their dreams.

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