Sarkodie’s Manager Explain Why He Was Not Able To Shoot Obrafour’s Documentary (LISTEN TO FULL AUDIO)

Following’s report that Sarkodie did not show up during the shooting of Obrafour’s ‘Pae Mu Ka At 20’ documentary, his manager has reacted.

In a rebuttal to the report which went viral, Angel Town emphatically stated that the discussion was a non-starter because he was contacted only twice by Obrafour’s team.

He said he was not able to give them a response when they contacted him for the first time but upon a second engagement on the same subject, they agreed on a date for the shooting of the documentary.

Angel detailed that there was miscommunication between the producer of the documentary and Sarkodie’s team when the agreed date for the shooting was due.

After the back and forth on whether the shooting will be done on that faithful day or not, he claimed Obrafour called him on phone willing for the shooting to be done—but those who were supposed to execute his instructions failed to still show up on a different location that they agreed to do the shooting.

Angel Town stressed that Sarkodie was ever ready to be featured in the ‘Pae Mu Ka At 20’ documentary which was spearheaded by veteran Ghanaian hiplife artiste, Obrafour.

Listen to the full interview below:

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