See All Photos Of The Couple Trending Because They Chopped Fufuo At Their Wedding Reception

The Fufuo wedding

Weddings have come and gone but one or two can be compared to what just surfaced online late Sunday.

A lot of Ghanaians after a lavish wedding pay a huge amount of money for cooks to prepare continental dishes for their reception just so their guests will experience heaven on earth. They pay for foods from Asia, Europe, America and other continents to be served at their wedding reception just because that is the order of the day.

Well, that was not same for this couple who got social media buzzing hours ago.

The two after their white wedding decided to go local. The duo dressed in their beautiful wedding outfits opted for the food often made with cassava and green plantain flour, fufuo.

Right after pictures of the husband and wife hit the internet, social media commentators could not keep quiet since it is rare in our system. Whilst some showered praises on them, others obviously spoke highly against it.

Would you go local like them or we are going continental at your wedding?


The food at my wedding in 15 years time. 😀👏✌️🙌 this couple do all

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