Seek opportunities abroad and forget about Ghana – Captain Planet advises Ghanaian youths

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Ghanaian musician Captain Planet of 4×4 fame has advised young Ghanaians to seize any opportunity to leave the country for good, citing pervasive despair among the youth.

In an interview with Empire FM, he questioned the rationale for returning, highlighting the stark reality of joblessness despite claims of significant job creation.

“What are they coming back to do? What better thing is in this country? Nothing. All the boys are complaining that they don’t have jobs but everyday we have someone claiming to have created over 120,000 jobs. So where are all those jobs?” he lamented in an interview with Empire FM.

Captain Planet emphasized concerns about the nation’s deficient healthcare system and condemns the taxation of medicine, even in dire circumstances such as illness.

“Even when you get money and go to hospital when you are sick, you are being taxed on the medicine so in that case, even the dying is being taxed,” he stated.

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